Albion Online:what gets me?

posted on 02 Aug 2016 15:29 by aosilver directory Idea

People need to think again about this game in general from a bigger perspective.

Do we want to get albion online gold .where the no-lifers/rich can beat everyone else to high tiers, buy 10 accounts and powerlevel each craft to t8 first, buy gold, change it into silver, transmute high end resources then proceed to fight whomever they wish until the gear gap is closed(aka the P2W will be in full force here for big guilds that can afford to use a different char for each item craft)?

Or do we want a real end-game game, where the interesting stuff is about politics, sieges, castles, GvGs that are up to player skill instead of gear level?

I agree it shouldn't be a walk in the park, but the difference between a hardcore/rich gamer guild and normal folks shouldn't be 6 months of playing catch-up either...

If the gear is cheaper/easier to get/more accessible then we'll see more people go out and actually play the PvP game instead of hugging their pixels and bank staring.

There's fine to buy albion online gold, and ofc it all comes down to a lot of math, try and error.

On a more serious tone, isn't the whole idea of economic/warfare rush and guild organization kind of part of AO's point? I believe the initial rush is actually a minigame on itself and will create interesting interactions on the first couple days.

The problem is, in my opinion, in the difficulty of taking home territories from guilds due to the defense bonus. Now that's something that needs to be reviewed. Rushing and getting territories is good, but guaranteeing it forever just because of the rush if you are mildly competent is wrong. Seeing some crap guilds, with all the respect, holding territories because of day one rush is what gets me.

Albion Online: something like this implemented

posted on 25 Jul 2016 10:09 by aosilver

Yes I would like to see something like this implemented. Both the WASD and the autorun. Autorun will not run you around dangers, just in a straight line so if that's at mobs... you will still die so still have to pay attention.

Camera: Yeah this is one of the most annoying to Buy Albion Online Gold... got killed by mobs recently due to this... guy spawned behind a tree and noticed me and attacked while I could not see him. Worse he was close to another enemy that I had been out of range of and called him over,

Sound: Yes I would like this too. but not a high priority so don't care when.

Friends: Eventually

Tanking: There are some weapons that do awesome jobs of holding aggro, Not sure which ones my guild use, but ask around

Repair: Yes please.

Destiny: I don't care about showing a specific 3 though my idea would be similar. Currently the filters are too broad. Would like the option on the destiny board to hide objectives so they won't show up in those goals below. Means if I have 10 goals I want to see and hide the rest then those 10 will rotate. I don't need to see unlocking Cursed, Frost and holy staves while leveling up my holy staff. which isn't even counting the armor fame being progressed at the same time.

Auto Dismount: Yes and No. To do this properly the right click move only would help but also for resources possibly another equipment slot for a tool would allow auto dismount for that one type of resource (So a pick axe would mean auto dismount for ores and only ores, but not wood or stone, not having a tool in that slot means no auto dismount on resources. or a toggle option for resources that you can change in inventory window for all the resource types on a yes or no basis?

UI Config, Emotes and Bank tabs : No. banks are limited in slots anyways so I fill up my bank slots way before I fill up weight meaning this is pointless.

Crafting allL NO your desciption here is not what that title says... you want to be able to craft any heavy armor and unlock multiple nodes... Sound good but a lot of larger guilds are going to want specialized crafters Cheap Albion Online Silver... so having those separate trees to focus means faster progression in a specific area.... Now on the other hand. having a craft quantity so you could say I have materials for 8 plate chests. I want to craft all 8 with the same abilities one click... I am ok with this.

Ox For Storage: This would be more equivalent to a pet with storage. I am sonewhat ok with this depending on how implemented. Would say use the same ox that is a mount. You get half movement speed you would have while mounted up but still have the increase weight limit of the ox. This would mean you wouldn't be able to out run people while not mounted but at the same time don't have to mount up to move half a step over to grab the next resource... Movement abilities would be disabled while the ox is out. So no blink, no run or flee from boots etc.

Salvaging. I agree with select a button then select items here. but still risky would more prefer a button like holding alt and right click auto moves items from inventory to the opposite window (bank, salvage, etc) and having the multiple spots to do more then one items at a time would be good.

Auction Search. The X at the and of the box does clear the safe albion online silver... a reset filters on the right side for drop down filters would be the only thing I can see you talking about (and not sure there isn't one?)

Albion Online: why have we not had a wipe

posted on 23 Jul 2016 12:24 by aosilver

Im not sure if im posting this in the right category or not, but someone of legitimacy has got to inform me on why we were not wiped in Cador? Cador was a huge update and from my understanding (which may very well be wrong) all i have heard that they are still going to add are the changes to the new map, and the crime and reputation system. These two changes they have not yet added definitley do not sound like they will need a wipe to go along with Albion Online Silver, but the Cador patch changes in my opinion do. I can think of three reasons why we currently deserve a wipe.
Destiny board armor changes waste peoples' money they spent on premium and stop players from continuing beta testing
Progression testing with fame bonus changes
Testing the market with silver bonus changes
With the recent changes to the destiny board a lot of players like myself who have began the game recently and grinded fame and used learning points have had their money wasted after the armor rework because the gear they used their LP on is no longer what they need to be viable. Even worse than having their money wasted they have no LP to get the new gear they need for their class to continue helping with beta testing so some players are now packing up and leaving. Why not wipe with Cador? These changes need a wipe compared to map changes and crime/reputation changes that in my opinion 100% do not need a wipe.

Another reason to wipe is for legitimate testing of this new fame bonus. I think having a wipe would be a good thing for truly testing the bonus to get more Albion Online Gold. Without the wipe all you see is guilds power leveling eachother in high level dungeons to get their new gear asap on alts that they have bought premium on. Power leveling alts is not a true representation of how the fame bonuses will affect progression in the game.

Lastly, another reason we should have a wipe with Cador is the silver bonus and market inflation. With Cardor we have seen a change in mount farming, silver drops, and rune/gem drops. These changes have extremely inflated the market, and i do not believe give a true representation of how the market would look had there been a wipe. Right now there are certain things still at old prices and certain things at new inflated prices. If there were to be a wipe everything would be at this inflated silver pricing and we would see a true representation of what the market would look like.

I think its a fair statement to add that even though the developement team has said they will give us a 1 month heads up before wiping. The majority of players in this game will not be upset if they were to only give us a week. Any comments or information on this topic would be greatly appreciated albion online silver farming. I love albion and will probably continue to play it no matter what, but i hate seeing players leave this wonderful game because theyre waiting for a wipe to happen.