We could see Albion Online moving into the next phase

posted on 12 May 2016 16:23 by aosilver

This should work in different way, after opening building window we should pick:
repair, salvage, reroll, reforge what will change cursor icon for tool (for example hammer for repairs) and by clicking on Albion Online Items we should take that selected action. It would be faster than current solution.

And please add checkbox for "I always want to pay for..." also instead of OK window after reroll we could get just queued message that will disappear, without player interaction, over few seconds .

Just remember that the date being pushed back to August, doesn't mean that is when the game is going to be released.

Sandbox Interactive are just giving themselves more Albion Online Gold to make sure they get everything created and applied, that they want before going into Open Beta. This means we could see Albion Online moving into the next phase way before August for example.

Also no matter what timeframe a game is released, if there is another game coming out, people will of course go and try it out.... we are gamers after all, we want to be excited and entertained by what the industry can offer us.