When you sell Albion Online Silver (say) you can either place a "Sell Order" for X, or just click "Sell" for Y, where Y matches you immediately with the highest priced "Buy Order" that someone has manually placed.The only tax is the stupid-person tax on those who do not exchange currencies using orders. Sorry to break the news.What to be sorry about? I didnt notice you can actually setup orders. Was it always like that or is it new addition? Useful to know anyway.

What premium really does is stops people from making dead accounts/characters to farm LP. If everyone was set to premium I'd create 8 characters and just spend the Albion Online Powerleveling on some of them and play one. It would completely break crafting since you could also farm crafting points this way (forgot what they are called). Obviously it also makes the company money but the one thing that is sort of important about it is limiting LP. If EvE were free as an example it would probably break the game because of the character progression system they use.

I stand by what I said above, the fact that premium is one character only and that they market this as buy to play with no sub is going to cripple this games longevity for a lot of players. I don't see this model working for them long term. Darkfall proved that there are enough players willing to pay for a Albion Online Items game to make it work so it won't simply kill the game, but it is going to put a significant dent in the player base and it is going to really hurt the mobile market as very few mobile games have a payment model like this.