What my true thoughts on this thread:
Least logical reason for keeping fast travel that could possibly be presented. A clear LACK of understanding of economics as well as the fact that this is a Sandbox MMO, not guild wars.

The way I should be saying it:
The game is presented as Sandbox MMO, Fast travel kills immersion as well as harms the economy in ways we can only speculate. However, providing basic laws of economics gives us an educated guess as to the out come of the economy with fast travel removed + naked travel implemented.

Removing Fast travel will effectively increase marketplace sales around the world giving Cheap Albion Online Silver back to the player economy rather then removing silver from the game. (unless they are without my knowledge using fast travel to remove gold from the economy)
New silver sink needed, bah bah bah
This change allows for a merchant to travel around the globe being a master of markets as a profession and can make a substantial income doing so (Sandbox feature)
this change also allows crafters/refiners to find cities that lack the supply Albion Online Powerleveling  for "their particular good(s) or services and weight the risk and reward of them supplying that low demand but also low supplied city.
It is in the low demand and low supply cities that players will make huge profits per sale rather then be forced to make profits off of volume such as is necessary in a city like queens market(Walmart).
I am going to stop here since I am sure to be wasting my time.I agree that removal of fast travel would be unfortunate for the game, but I think there just simply need's to be a better solution prior to removing fast travel.

Economy suck's because of fast travel, you can simply travel naked to any market you want and undercut any sort of economy that exist's in any city... so in that sense fast travel is awful. This was proven when the old continent was way ahead in gear and people had to travel on foot to get to kings/queens market to purchase Albion Online Items gear that was not even being made in boneharbour/queenspool. With this being said I go to my next point.