The damage reduction in Albion Online

posted on 08 Jun 2016 14:56 by aosilver

A protective charm that strengthens the player against the next harmfull effect.

The next damage source that hits the player will get mitigated by x%, instant cast, 10+x energy cost, range 10 m, 3 sec cooldown.

The damage reduction could start at 20% going up with levels, max damage reduction could be 50%. Its basically a better version of our current shield.
The damage reduction will come after the armor or magic resistance damage reduction. So if i get hit for 1000 damage and have 70% mitigation. I have 300 damage left, that will get mitigated by another 20% ergo 60 damage. Or its added to the normal reduction, with adjusted numbers....
"Arcane Conflux"
Concentrates the vast energy flows of the surrounding the Cheap Albion Online Silver, replenishing part of its lost energy.

Replenishes x energy on target, while aplying a debufd that makes the target untargetable for another Arcane Conflux for x seconds, instant cast, 14+x energycost, 10m range, 3 sec cooldown.

Maybe something like 10 energy going up to 40, its really hard to give specific numbers here. The arcane conflux debuff should be like 7-10 seconds. A different option for the arcane staff ro provide indirect support, via energy replenish.

Obvisouly some of the w slot spells could be moved to the q slot. Like the two mentioned before ( cleanse/purge) or frazzle.

Its time to talk about our ever full w-slot with Albion Online Silver. We have too many abilities on it. That all have their uses, yet get outshined by one, simply because the role of the arcane staff ( wich is support) is really roughly fleshedout.

Frazzle: I remember the day when frazzle did more then just damage, when it helped other damage dealers to deal more damage while providing some sort of damage. Yet im here wondering why it lost that kind of support??

New Frazzle:
Cast a magic missile that is infused with arcane magic, it damages the target and weakens its defenses. Increasing damage recieved for a short duration.
Magical orb, that deals x damage and increases the damage taken by x percent, 1.5 sec casttime, 10 m range, no cooldown.

Im not entirely sure how the damage increase shoukd look like, either in a form of a debuff: "Player has increased damage taken" or in the form of a magical and armor reduction, that is stackable. The later would be the old frazzle we had some alpha's ago.

Furthermore i do think that this spell should go back to the q slot, or move cleanse and purge there. The shield is only casted pre fight to Buy Albion Online Gold, during solo arcane fights, you ll just spam frazzle anyways. A cleanse plus purge would give us more movementspeed, wich might increase the clearspeed overall.