The Albion Destinyboard Under Magnifying Glass

posted on 20 Jun 2016 15:33 by aosilver

First i have to say that this destinyboard is just an awesome idea. Its very easy to read, all skills are in the same place and not dropped in different locations. Still there are minor things that could be done better or different kind of way to Buy Albion Online Silver(My opinion). I have done some notes about destinyboard, i know that its still under construction, but still heres list of some minor issues.

1. Some weapons and armors are now leveling for free when you are using others. This happens in crafting and fightning (example: hammer, crossbow, daggers, staff, frost staff, cursed staff). Is it going to be like this in final game? If so, does players easier choose to use and craft weapons and armors, which they got a free start? Some weapons and armors might leave too much backround.

2. Naming skills in unique way is kind of hard nowdays when almost all possible is already used in another games. Still i think avoiding straigh copies would be a good thing. Now when skill name and mechanic is straigh copy from another game, it could be better if change it. Examples: Frostbolt, Frost nova, smite, flash heal, firebolt, rejuvenation..

3. In mage weapon section there are pages named like pyromancer, arcanist, warlock, priest, glacial mage, etc. Thats nice, but all other section are just fighter this and fighter that. Is this going to change? Example: healers are now like Priest vs. Nature staff fighter

4. It would be great if you could move faster and easier on destinyboard from skillpage for another. Maybe just arrows to left and right and you can easily jump to more Albion Online Silver. This would also help comparing skills with each other. Or if you could keep open more than one skill page at same time would be great. Are you devs considering anything like this?

5. Why in earth you need T1 coarse stones to craft T2 stoneblocks? Other crafting skills just needs T2