Albion Online Black Zone (PvP)

posted on 02 Jul 2016 13:14 by aosilver

First things first, how will you keep this system abuse-free while being a relevant factor in reputation? Should the reputation penalties be high enough to be undesirable, the guilds could easily take one alt character and stack all the kills on it (Or alternatively on somebody who lives in blacks anyways), alleviating the penalty from the rest greatly. For this system to be not abusable to get Albion Online Silver, I do not see how can it be done without penalizing every player equally. And by any means if you do balance it like above, then what purposeful role does new death mechanic have after that?

Secondly: Why is the mechanic implemented into black zone (PvP)? Reputation is not part of the blacks, I do not see any point why it would be in blacks unless there is something deeper regarding my third and fourth questions.

Third: What does the mechanic add to the game? An actual fun-factor, or just another unnecessary step between killing and looting a player that exists just for the sake of itself? From what I am observing, majority of those who have voiced their opinion dislike the mechanic including myself.

Fourth: What strategic values does it actually bring? The only two things I can pretty much guess are that: It will indirectly buff zergs and any groups within defensive points such as behind castle gates and Albion Online Gold. The first is not something that the community would desire, while the latter would make fights such as castle sieges unending. If it's about resurrection strats, then it falls on the first effect that I stated before, aka indirectly buff zergs.

Fifth: Not a question, but this also kills the mood. It felt good to drop a meteor on 10 guys watching them all blow up into skeletal remains once the smoke faded. With this system you can drop all moons of our solar system on the enemy forces and the only thing that happens is that your enemy gets a little exhausted and sits down

i think the pve knock-down death mechanic is broken if you have a bad healer you loose all if you have a bad tank you loose all if you have 1 idiot dps who dont move out of dmg you loose

before most people had to get back to town before they finished dungeon now i see a hundred naked people just spawned in city's all over i think albion will loose around 80% of its player base because of the execute in pve mechanic

i can understand it in pvp but in pve its just broken and idiotic all players who dont have a large guild will have no choice but to never do dungeons or quit the game if they dont want to be in a big guild but rather want to solo play a little ?

why cant you remove the pve knockdown death mechanic its clearly broken and the idiot that thought of it is clearly trying to ruin the albion online silver farming future im quiting and i know 46 people who are and all chat is constantly complaining about that mechanic why implement it when its clearly gonna ruin the games future playerbase you have the potentiel to be a big game bigger than runescape and wow but instead of making atractive changes you are going against playerbase ideas and complains and just doing the oppesite ? can you explain the creators of albion online are trying to sabbotage there own game ?