Albion Online: leather and cloth armor

posted on 13 Jul 2016 10:21 by aosilver

Albion game play seems to be designed to be played with a team. You just can't be frost mage and fire mage at the same time. BUT. You can be frost mage that can tank (plate) or can be stealthy (leather) or just be the usual mage with cloth armor. There's the basic customization you have more Albion Online Items. If you look at it more closely, you can combine different weapons with plate, leather and cloth armor to be able to customize the 6 skill/spell slots you have. Maybe it's just me, but I find 6 slots just right to play around with. AND THEN, you also have the passives that quite frankly I've ignored early on. When you factor in the additive values of those passives then you can see the difference when you use them with the right build.

Because it's a PVP-focused game, you want to be able to create strategies. To be able to enjoy building strategies, you need to be able to base your decisions on a limited pool of information regarding your opponent. For example, if you see that your enemy has a mace, then you'd expect the silence spell and prepare for it possibly with a meditation spell. If you have too many choices then there is no intelligent basis for strategizing... the game devolves into a click fest spamming the enemy with your maximum DPS skill until you run out of mana/energy.

I like the decision trees of melee vs ranged, tank vs speed, physical vs magical damage, heal vs shield, AOE vs single target to Buy Albion Online Gold. Albion is a great simplification of EVE. The complexity of EVE can't be compared because of its inaccessible learning curve. The simplicity and accessibility of Albion is deceiving because you will have to dig deeper to enjoy the intricate details of creating just the right build for your play style AND to harmonize that with the play style of your guild.

Overall, I'd say you can't eat your cake and have it too. You can't have endgame at the beginning. Because Albion is an open world sandbox that seeks longevity, you need to grind. There's no way around it. It's really just part of the game.

It's the design and dev team's responsibility to keep the grind fun. So far, with the changes in each iteration I think they're doing a pretty good job. Let's see how far they've gone with the final beta.

When I think about Path of Exile's passive skill tree... Jesus Christ! it’s a galaxy. Destiny board is only a tiny puddle!
But small is good. good to be simple. You don't get it messed up.
What should really be "big" is item variation. especially on "what you wear system".

I understand that items/skills can't be easily added to the world since AO is a PvP oriented game.
More items/skills we have, more difficult to make them well balanced albion online gold market. So there shouldn't to be too many items beyond certain level.
But the limitation atm is kind of too strict and I sometimes get frustrated. "Why can't I even choose basic attacking skill for this slot? "