Albion Online: it will ruin the progression

posted on 21 Jul 2016 10:19 by aosilver

Well the progression will only be relevant at the start of the game and with it being fast it means others that come a year after the game has been out will be able to catch up also with the players that were playing for 6 months or a year. After all the progression is not THE most important thing here, the guild and territory warfare is Buy Albion Online Gold, so in the end we will get to a spot where the gear will be non relevant factor and it will all be about conquering and other political schemes, alliances etc.

P.S. Droping the LP early also has it's disadvatages.. like if you drop it early that means you will have to grind more to get to higher tiers which are much harder to grind for in the black zones or overall contested zones so if you can rather grind in easier zones until the higher tier and then spend the LP to finish up the higher tier it would make much more sense then fighting over rare high tier fame...

Well agree the initial LP we got is much of an advantage, nobody should be able to skip the first tiers, otherwise what's the purpose of the low tier zones and dungeons?

There were a lot of suggestions regarding LP but imo the recent change (unlocking nodes without fame threshold) is the worst Albion Online Gold. I'd rather increase the previous fame threshold from 20% to 50% so you have to grind half the fame and unlock the other haf with LP. It's just a matter of balancing.

Transmutator is also quite problematic as there's less top tier resources and the uncommon+ versions are now actually rare to find, yet you can dump all your silver (which is easy to gather from mobs or by exchanging gold for silver) on transmutation and have more top tier rare resources that are not available in such quantities in the world.

No, i agree with you, but isn't the game all about the guilds and teamplay? People that come and play solo in this game have to put so much effort that in the end it really just makes people burnout and stop playing the game. It's all about working with others to achieve a common goal whichever that may be.

I have not played on the pre-test server last few days so i have no insight as to how fast the start progression it is there albion online gold shop, but i have faith in SI to make a good final decision as to where it needs to be when the game comes out since we are giving them a lot of data and experience from the BETA since the start.