Albion Online:what gets me?

posted on 02 Aug 2016 15:29 by aosilver directory Idea

People need to think again about this game in general from a bigger perspective.

Do we want to get albion online gold .where the no-lifers/rich can beat everyone else to high tiers, buy 10 accounts and powerlevel each craft to t8 first, buy gold, change it into silver, transmute high end resources then proceed to fight whomever they wish until the gear gap is closed(aka the P2W will be in full force here for big guilds that can afford to use a different char for each item craft)?

Or do we want a real end-game game, where the interesting stuff is about politics, sieges, castles, GvGs that are up to player skill instead of gear level?

I agree it shouldn't be a walk in the park, but the difference between a hardcore/rich gamer guild and normal folks shouldn't be 6 months of playing catch-up either...

If the gear is cheaper/easier to get/more accessible then we'll see more people go out and actually play the PvP game instead of hugging their pixels and bank staring.

There's fine to buy albion online gold, and ofc it all comes down to a lot of math, try and error.

On a more serious tone, isn't the whole idea of economic/warfare rush and guild organization kind of part of AO's point? I believe the initial rush is actually a minigame on itself and will create interesting interactions on the first couple days.

The problem is, in my opinion, in the difficulty of taking home territories from guilds due to the defense bonus. Now that's something that needs to be reviewed. Rushing and getting territories is good, but guaranteeing it forever just because of the rush if you are mildly competent is wrong. Seeing some crap guilds, with all the respect, holding territories because of day one rush is what gets me.